Appearance and Complexion

Product for Top Indulgence essentially caters for enthusiasts of animal beauty by providing supplementation that enhances animal’s physical appeal. From the health of their skin, the shine in their eyes, to the sheen of their coat, Top Pet Pro focuses on getting the nutrition right to build a healthy look for your animals.


Awakens essential inner health that makes your animal’s physical shine.

PETGLOW contains essential nutrients and active ingredients for healthy and appealing features.

  • It contains antioxidant and helps enhance collagen production for healthy skin and shiny coat.
  • It reduces certain skin allergy and yeast infection on the skin and ear.
  • It promotes elasticity and strength of the skin.
  • It improves nail strength and promotes skin renewal and repair.

Recommended usage

Use 0.5 g of PETGLOW with meal twice daily


Mix 0.5g of PETGLOW with a handful of your pet’s favorite soft food such as fish, meat or pet canned food


Stop the supplementation if the dogs or cats show intolerant signs such as diarrhea and weak.