Behaviour and Well Being

Product for Top Intelligence ensures your animal receives special nutrients that cater to their brain health and development. The products are formulated to enhance mental processes and allow their mind to remain aware, alert and receptive to new information, as well as promote your animal’s favourable traits and ideal skills.


PETMAX is a pet nutritional supplement that provides special botanical extracts for the brain health and cognitive function of animals.

PETMAX offers plant based active ingredients formulation that are known to enhance the neural network for pets and companion animal.

  • It contributes to brain health and development.
  • For aging animal, it helps maintain optimal cognition function.
  • It also lessens the mental and physical fatigue.
  • It improves memory and learning ability of the animal.

Recommended usage

Use 0.5g of PETMAX with meal twice daily


Mix 0.5g of PETMAX with a handful of your pet’s favorite soft food such as fish, meat or pet canned food


Stop the supplementation if the dogs or cats show intolerant signs such as diarrhea and weak.